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February 13, 2013

Top Beauty Products

Who doesn't like a post about favorite beauty products?? These are going to be a few on the top of my list that I cannot live without.  Everyone can benefit from these no matter what your skin type. It will be fun! So sit down and relax and get ready to try some of my favorite things (on the beauty side of things)

 My favorite primer:
I have to make a confession, I don't wear foundation.....I have always HATED the way it feels on my skin and it always dries my skin out no matter which one I try.  So why do I like a primer? I do use blush and some faux tan bronzer for some color. I feel like a primer just helps it all go on super smooth and last longer. It creates a smooth, silky texture that allows anything you put on your face glide on. It also helps diminish the look of pores and fine lines. I love the Bare Minerals Prime Time but for the price of $23.00... you can't beat ELF's Primer which is only $6.00.  To me I cannot tell any difference in the two so I buy the cheaper one. (CLICK HERE TO BUY)

My favorite Moisturizer for the Face:
This is something that I have only been using for a couple of months and I LOVE IT! Coconut oil. But it can't just be any coconut oil. This one is the best because you truly are getting pure cold pressed, organic coconut oil without any added junk.I use mine morning and night. It smells so yummy too, for an added bonus :-) A little goes a long way so you don't need to use a lot. It is a solid that turns into a liquid. It really makes your skin feel divine! (CLICK HERE TO BUY)
My Favorite Concealer for under the eyes:
Even though I don't use foundation I still use some concealer for under my eyes and on a few breakouts. This is my favorite because it is so silky and doesn't get settled in lines around the eyes and it lasts all day. It is by Fusion Beauty the Illumcover, it twists at the bottom to get the right amount you need. The nice thing is you don't have to put your fingers in it and get it dirty evertime you need it.
My Favorite Blush:
Another Fusion Beauty, their cream blush is AWESOME! It gives you a nice natural color but yet still dewy where it doesn't look settled into your skin. It is just an all around  great blush. My favorite colors are; Bella, Crave, and Cherub. They last a really long time!
My Favorite Eyeshadow:
Covergirl's sandstone. It really is good for any skin tone. What I like about it is there is a little shimmer in it but not too much. It also gives you some color without over doing it. I just LOVE it!

For under the brow as a highlighter I love L'OREAL morning light (#805) Perfect color!

My Favorite Mascara:
Rimmel London The Max Volume Flash mascara. Oh how I love this one it truly does what it says. I love how big the brush is and I never get clumps or the feeling of dry eyelashes. I use the blackest black.

My Favorite Lipstick and Gloss:
This is a hard one because I use so I picked ones that everyone can benefit from :) I love the Covergirl natureluxe, really any color from this line is awesome but two of my favorite colors are: Hibiscus (#215) and Clay (#260) These have SPF and it is a gloss balm so it really gives your lips good moisture.

Covergirl wetsticks, they have nice natural colors that go well with really anything and it is like having a lipstick with a gloss in one :-)

Bare Escentuals gazebo is another great natural color that lasts almost all day long.

My Favorite Eyeliner:
This is my secret.... I use a black or brown eye shadow for my eyeliner :-) You can see why in this post that I did a while back CLICK HERE it will explain it all there. I like the Rimmel because they have a nice pointed side of the brush with the eyeshadow so you can get a nice line.

My Favorite Highlighter:
 I like to use a highlighter just above my cheek bones and in the middle of my forehead. There are two that I really like which are: Physicians formula translucent Pearl (5Q) and Elf shimmering face whip.

My Favorite Bronzer:
Hands down this is my favorite bronzer, Bare Minerals Faux Tan. From the picture it looks really dark but a little goes a long way and it is the perfect color without looking orange. I have had mine for over a year and I still have a lot left. It is the bomb! It is good to use in a shape of a backwards E and a 3 on your face (from your forehead, to your cheek bones, down to your jaw line) I hope that makes since. Then lightly down the middle of your nose.
So there you have some of my top beauty products for the face as far as makeup goes. I will be posting a hair and skin care one later on, so come back and check them out soon! Have a great day and remember, the best thing you can wear is a smile! :-)

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