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August 10, 2012

Eyeliner Make-up Tip

I love to line my eyes with black or brown eyeshadow. Yes I said eyeshadow, here's why; If you are outside on a hot day regular eyeliner can melt a little or smear. Even if you cry it smears like crazy or when you go swimming etc. I have been lining my eyes with eyeshadow for a long time now. Since it is in a powder form it will come off supper easy without all the smearing going on. It also gives you a much more subtle look and not so dramatic for daytime use. Here are the steps I use:
  • Get any black or brown eyeshadow: right now I am using Rimmel London 001 smokey. You need a brush that is small and pointy (the eyeshadow I use has the perfect brush already in it)
  • Turn on your sink and put the point part of your brush in the water to get it a little bit wet
  • Dab it in the color you want to line your eyes, use the brush like you would an eyeliner stick. It lasts all day, you just wont have to worry about it smearing or running :) Enjoy!


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