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September 24, 2012

How to back comb your hair the right way!!

A lot of my hair clients say they always have a hard time back combing their hair like I do it and make it stay. So I thought this would be a great blog post because I am sure many people would like to know how to back comb, the right and professional way to make it last ALL day!? Today I will show you step by step on how to do it right. I wish I could upload a video then I wouldn't have to type so much instructions. One of these days I will get it to work!!

Step one here is what you need to use to get the best results and the support to make it last ALL day.

When your hair is wet spray Redken Guts (CLICK HERE) on the sides and back of the top of your head. I do two sections on each side and back because that is where you will be placing your back combing and it will be the support for all the back combing.

Blow dry your hair head down for the most volume

after its all dry, you can see around the top I already have some volume but just wait....=)

Take a section about an inch thick on the top/back of head. Have good tension on the section and back comb with a fine toothed comb about 2 inches up the section.
Every section that you back comb spray some Kenra 25 hairspray (CLICK HERE) at the root underneath

Next do it on the side
(not front side yet, just under and to the side of the back to give you a nice shape and support)

 Back comb
You want to have a nice roundness to the shape and not a big drop off if that makes sense

Then do two sections on each side toward the front...yes it looks messy but TRUST ME!!

OK all done go out like this....j/k BUT, let me tell you if your hair isn't this crazy before the next step, girl you don't have enough back combing tension going on. It needs to be this big to have the support to last all day!!

Now here is where the magic happens. I call this my grandma comb because my grandma always had a comb like this growing up. This will be your BEST FRIEND when it comes to back combing.
 Start at the back on top and smooth over with the "Magic comb"
You will feel like you are combing out all the back combing but you are not. You have the support of the guts, hair spray and back combing all in one =)

This is to show you that you want a nice smooth bend from top to bottom so it isn't all messy looking

Work on the other side to smooth it

Make sure you go all the way down to the ends of your hair so it is super smooth

Top view
TA DA!!! This technique is for short or long hair. I promise if you use these products and my steps you will have back combing last all day long. =)
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  1. That looks great! I never do the sides for some reason. I always say I am going to leave my hair and not back comb on any given day and I always end up back combing. What can I say i am addicted to big hair! I need to get the grandma comb. I used to have one and I dont know what happened to it. Thanks for the tips! have a good week!

  2. I'm still scared to try that. Mine would look like the earlier photos. Sighhhhh...wishing you could do my hair....LOL


  3. I wish I had this tutorial when I straightened my hair all of the time! What fun pics too! :)

    I am stopping by your blog via the Weekend Blog Hop Til You Drop at The Epic Mom.

    I am following your boards on Pinterst!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  4. lol, i love the pictures before you smooth it down. you should totally leave it like that haha, just kidding
    I am currently hosting a blog hop over at my blog

  5. Thanks for the tutorial. I have super thick, heavy hair and the backcombing never lasts. I'll try your tips!

  6. thank you, I have a problem getting mine to last!!
    I will try this.

  7. I think I need to try the Kenra 25 spray! I had their Kenra 13 and it didn't hold very well and the smell....ugh! It was so perfume-y Ö I can not wait to try your backcombing tips. My never stays all day so I'm very grateful for your tutorial on this. When using your "Grandma Comb"....I have one, too Ü deep are you going into the hair to smooth it over? Just on the surface or further in towards the roots? Thanks again for your incredible blog! I'm totally hooked and have a long list of goodies I definitely need after reading your honest opinions and reviews ♥

    1. Tracy thank you for your comment :) You only want to use the "grandma comb" on the top layer to tame down all the frizz and smooth it all out. You don't want to go deep otherwise it will take out all the back combing you put in :) Kenra 25 is by far the BEST hairspray I LOVE it! Have a good day.

  8. This is an awesome tutorial. I was actually looking for a way to get my hair looking big and messy for a fancy dress costume, so thank you very much.

  9. We're do u by the grandmar comb from love xx

    1. Can u email me We're can buy it plz xx

    2. or you can get one here