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December 27, 2015

Top 10 Things to Buy After Christmas

Now that the stress of the holiday season is coming to an end. I would like to share with all of you what I think are the top 10 things to buy that is worth the money to stock up for next year! Who doesn't like a great deal on stuff you have to buy each year anyways?! By now the stores have Christmas marked down anywhere from 50%-70% off SCORE!! Spend a little, save all year is my motto.

I’m sure you know that after-Christmas is the best time to buy wrapping paper, bags, decorative boxes and other gift wrap supplies.
I like to stock up on premium paper. I’ll also be shopping for gift wrap to use year round. If you hunt, you can find patterns that aren’t holiday specific that you can use for birthdays and other occasions year round.

#2 TAPE 
While you’re shopping for wrapping paper, don’t forget to scoop up discounted tape. You’ll have to get to the store early to take advantage of this deal, however, because the hardcore bargain hunters often buy it all up first thing.

I have a weakness for beautiful ribbon to use for decorating and for packages, but it can be so expensive. That’s why I buy mine on sale after Christmas.

If you use an artificial Christmas tree like we do, then the best time to buy it is after Christmas. There is no way I would pay $150-$300 on a tree but I would pay $45-$90 I will help save the bank getting a tree after Christmas that you can use year after year.

I love to pick up ornaments after Christmas, but I don’t just buy for my tree. I also like to buy ornaments to use as package toppers. If you do any Christmas trees for charity now is a good time to stock up on some great deals to help others in need for next year. Also you can add ornaments into Christmas wreaths.

We do a lot of baking throughout the year at my house. Stocking up on Kisses and M&M’s for use in baking at prices cheaper than chocolate chips. Even though they are Christmas chocolates you can use them anytime in baking.

Look for things that don’t spoil like holiday themed pencils or Christmas themed little Lego sets, purchase them and stash them away for next years stockings. There are some candies that will last until next year too.

All of my Christmas decor I have never paid full price for any of it! Do you need more Christmas Lights? Were you short on garland? Do you want to add to your snowmen stash (I love snowmen).

Cookie cutters are not the only baking items found marked down this time of year. You can also find great post-holiday deals on baking boxes, cupcake liners and other supplies for homemade food gifts. If you’re the kind to make and give baked goods to your friends and neighbors, now is the time to stock up on pretty packaging for them.

#10 TOYS 
Did you know that you can get discounted toys for next year? I know right?? Crazy! Stores like Shopko and Target will discount toys. Think ahead for next year and you can get some screaming good deals on toys and games for you kiddos. I have gotten toys at 70% off. WHAT?! I know crazy! Think of kids friends birthday parties they will get invited to throughout the year and you can score some great deals on toys.

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