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January 30, 2014

How do I Cut My Coupons??

Do you want to know the best way I have found to organize and cut all my coupons??? Well, I have been asked this more than once to share with you all.  This is what I do:

First what you will need is some really sharp and good quality scissors, good counter space or table, paper clips, coupon box (CLICK HERE) to see mine.

Here are all of my coupons from last week, yes there are a bunch (21 to be exact). Spread them all out on a table or counter (make sure they are all the same bundles). Then just start picking up from the top on every pile and stack them together to cut, working your way to the bottom of the coupons. Make sure you hold firm pressure when you cut. Some people like to file their coupons and only cut them when they need them. I cut ALL of mine at the same time even if I don't plan on using them all at once. A lot of the times I will have about 3-5 pages that I wouldn't even use of a certain coupon so I will throw those away. This assembly line makes it super fast and organized when it comes to cutting coupons. Imagine taking 21 of the same coupon bundles and cutting EACH coupon out one by one.....what a waste of time! So stack and cut them all at once... MUCH easier!! The nice thing about coupons is, they are very thin and easy to tear when they have the double pages connected (don't waste time cutting down the middle, just tear).

Once they are all put together and stacked, cut them. I like to use paper clips once they are cut to keep them altogether for easy access. After I have them all put together I go to my coupon sheet (CLICK HERE for a free download of my coupon sheet) and start writing down EVERY one that I have and the amount of each coupon so I don't have to count them each time. 
Even though I write down every coupon I have on my sheet right away it doesn't mean I use them right away. I will wait for the right sales at the right time before I use them to get the best deals. Having them all written down is easy to know what I have and what deals to look for. I hope that makes sense... if you have any questions please leave me a comment and I will get back with you :) Also look under my Coupon 101 label on the side of my blog for more information on coupons.

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