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January 22, 2012

Coupon Box

This is my first coupon helper I have to keep me organized. :)  Its perfect size for coupons and it snaps shut. Get yours HERE I made my own dividers out of scrapbook card stock and tabs. (I will be putting a file up with some section ideas.) I paper clip all of the same coupons together and put them behind the section they belong. When I go to the store I decide on what ones I am going to be using, and I put them in the front so I don't have to worry about them until I get to the register. Piece of cake!!
The next coupon helper I have is my clip board. This is where I list everyone of my coupons I plan on using. I have a section for each "bigger category" this one in the picture is for Household items. I have a column where I know how many of each item I need (this helps so much, you don't have to pull out your coupons each time to see how many you need), then I have a column for what item to get, price match column, (remember in my previous post that I do all of my coupons at Walmart so that's why I have a price match column), coupon column, and a should pay column. When I go through the store I have a highlighter to mark which things I have in my cart. If you notice on my sheet I don't have a price match for each item yet. I will wait until I can get a really good deal before I buy it. But the point of the clip board is,. Once I cut all my coupons I write them ALL down on my paper in the categories so I know what deals to look for. I hope this all makes sense. Just ask if you have any questions. I also have all the store policies on my clip board in the back so if I have any problems I pull it out!
Supplies to get started:
Box that snaps shut (4x6 or 5x7) then you wont have to fold any coupons
Dividers for sections (I just made mine)
Tabs for sections (I will post a FREE download with tab ideas soon)
Clip board
Coupon sheet for the store (I will post a FREE download of mine soon)
Coupon Policies for the stores you will go to.

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