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April 23, 2013

My Top 5 Hair Tips

Hair is a reflection of your health & personality. If taken care of they can add to your beauty. Your hair and scalp need proper care now and always. When it comes to your hair there are so many things out there on hair tips and tricks. As a licenced Cosmetologist these are some of my favorite hair tips I want to share with you today.

1) Your hair has memory and it is so important to change up your normal routine to get the full benefits out of a hair care product. What I mean by this is, if you use the same shampoo and conditioner for years your hair isn't going to get the benefits it could be. Your hair will just get used to the same properties in a product. My rule of thumb is to have about 3 or 4 different shampoos and conditioners and alternate them every 2 weeks or so. This also helps your product last a lot longer. Use one of your favorites for moisture, one for damage, one for color treated etc. I have 4  different shampoos and conditioners in my shower that I alternate. When I do this my hair is a lot  healthier and, I can tell a big difference. Try to use professional products as much as you can yes, they can be pricey but the technology in them is worth the money spent and the results are amazing.

(I switch them up a lot but these are what I use right now)

2) Use a deep conditioner every week.  Any that you buy, professional or not it will normally say to leave on for 3-5 mins. That is not nearly enough time to allow for you to get the full benefits. Here is what I do: Make sure you have 35 mins of free time. Wash your hair, put on the deep conditioner or mask (same thing) and let it sit on your hair for 30 mins and put a shower cap on to allow it to soak in. The last five minutes put your blow dryer on to allow the cuticle of your hair shaft to open with the heat and let the conditioner soak down to every layer of your hair shaft. Let cool for 5 mins before you rinse it all out. Dry your hair and you will feel a HUGE difference in your hair. After you do this for a month straight, cut back to only once a month maintenance. Salons have professional grade deep conditioners that work awesome and that you can't buy over the counter. One of my favorites is, Redken Chemistry Shots, just make sure they leave it on long enough to get the full benefits.
3) Dry your hair with your head upside down to get some natural volume. Once a week let your hair air dry without heat. Use a blow dryer with NanoIonic Complex (a blend of 32 natural-occurring minerals) that emits Natural Negative Ions in to the hair. Natural Negative Ion energy is powerful enough to break down clusters of water molecules into fine particles that penetrate the hair shaft, to re-hydrate, re-condition and restore moisture balance. After using the Bio Ionic product system, hair feels smooth, super-soft and looks silky-shiny. My favorite is the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium blow dryer and I love their straightener as well You can get them HERE and HERE. Again it is more pricey than a Walmart or Target brand blow dryer but in the long run it will save you money because you will not have to replace this every year. These have a 4 year warranty and they are worth every penny in my book. Your hair will love you for using higher end hair tools. :-)

4) Use PRODUCTS in your hair before you dry it and after you dry it. There is a lot of hair care products out there so how do you know which ones are right for your hair? Well, trail and error there isn't just ONE product that will work for everyone. Every ones hair is different and has different needs BUT the nice thing about hair products is they really have a lot of technology behind them and  they are meant to do what they say they will do.  Find ones that work best for your hair in these categories. Everyone need a  blow dry protectant spray. Heat is harmful to your hair that is why we have products specifically for the heat elements of a blow dryer, straighteners and, curling irons. My favorite is Kenra Blow dry spray ( use on wet hair). Next you should be using a root lifting spray. Hands down my favorite is Redken Guts (use on wet hair), this is a product that everyone can use whether you have thick or fine hair it is AMAZING! Then you should be using heat protectants for straightening or curling your hair. The heat elements are different then the blow dryer. Some of my favorites for straightening is, Redken iron silk or Kenra thermal styling spray ( use on dry hair). Use these sparingly you don't want your hair to sizzle AT ALL when you use these otherwise you are using too much.  You should use a frizz or shine gloss to tame down fly aways and prevent split ends. Just don't use any that have alcohol in them, it will dry your hair out. Next you should be using a good hair spray to set your style, Kenra 25 is the best hands down. CLICK HERE  Avoid products that leave build-up on your hair. If you see white gunk, that means that your product is not water-soluble and may be coating your hair shaft. Build-up causes limpness, breakage and inability to curl not to mention the white flakes.

5) Get your hair trimmed on a regular basis (approximately every two months). This is especially important for growing out layers and/or bangs to reshape and make each stage of growing hair out a style. You need to have a nice clean edge to prevent any split ends. Most importantly have the right cut for your bone structure and face shape CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE


  1. I found your site about the boys haircuts, btw thanks for that. Just wanted to mention..have you ever checked out all the chemicals in those hair products above?? You really don't need them. There are so many natural alternatives that are much better for your body and your pocketbook. Good luck.

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