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July 14, 2012

Bone Structure For Hairstyles

Ok so in my post about "What’s your face shape?" I said I was going to talk more about bone structure for the perfect haircut and style. Of course you need to keep in mind if you have cowlicks they will limit you. Don't EVER fight your cowlicks just let them be and your style will work so much better. Now with that being said, go to a mirror, pull your hair up into a pony or just off your face. Look at your face; you will notice that one side of your face is bigger than the other. You wouldn't have noticed until now that I am pointing it out to you. SORRY!! Lol. But, everyone has a side of your face that is bigger than the other. Some people have a more dominant difference than others. Pay attention from the eye down the cheek and jaw area, to the chin, that’s where you will see it.
The point to all of this is, when you part and cut your hair you want to keep your face shape in mind but, also your bone structure. So you want to part your hair with the part going over to your "bigger" side of your face. It will help keep your face symmetrical with an illusion. GO ON TRY IT. Do it on both sides and you will see what I mean. If your left side is bigger than your right side than part your hair with more hair on the left side. (I hope this makes sense to you) Over the 11 years of me doing hair I would point this out to some people and it made all the difference with their face appearance for their haircuts and style. Every one of them that I showed said they have never heard that but, they loved the advice and could see the difference. Go try it for yourself. (BUT remember if you have a cowlick on your more dominant side that you would need to part to, don't do it, you will always be fighting with your cowlick) I have a cowlick but it’s on my right side and my more dominant side is my left side so it works for me. Another fun piece of info on this subject, most people's less dominant or smaller side of the face is the side you sleep on at night. :) There are VERY few people out there that you can't tell what side is bigger. Here are some pictures of what I mean.



  1. So true! It's also amazing how a hairstyle can emphasize or deemphasize! I'm happy to be your newest follower via the Mom's Mingle, and would love a visit back at! :)

  2. Thanks for being a follower :)I will return the favor.

  3. Hello,
    I found one of your posts in Pinterest and i clicked to take a look at your blog.
    woua i like it very mutch, i'm going to follow your blog.
    I'm the mother of a little boy ( 2 years 1/2), motor-therapist ( in french it's psychomotricienne), french and not very good in english, so please excuse all my mistakes.

    I was going to see the hair-stylist in the next week for a cut. I'm so glad i read this post before it !!!!thanks !!!

    ( )

    1. Thank you so much for becoming a follower :) I am glad you stumbled on my blog through pintrest. Perfect timing for your new haircut :)

  4. Thanks for pointing this. I had facial paralyzes about 16 years ago, and I thought this was one of the reason why my face have big size and small size.

    note: i use anonymous because i dont have account in any of the listed accounts.

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  6. Hello,
    Fantastic article! Really helpful. I was just wondering, what other hairstyles could I do (my right side is bigger)? are middle parts completely out of question?? Thanks again!