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January 23, 2016

5 Great Hair Tips

It is a never ending battle with hair! Some days we have great hair days and others days we hate our hair and no matter what we do things don't work out how we want. I hear this over and over with hair clients. Even I have bad hair days. If I follow these 5 tips though I can have awesome hair all the time as long as I have a good haircut as well. Here are a few ways to revitalize your hair.

Change Up Your Products
When you find the product that makes your hair look and feel amazing, you are pretty sure that you have found your life-long love of hair products.  That feeling will go away at some point and your hair will start to plateau if you continue to use the same product day in and day out. Change up your shampoo and conditioner every 4-6 weeks and your hair will stay soft, and manageable. I keep 2 different Shampoos and Conditioner in my shower that I alternate all the time. After 6 weeks I will rotate to 2 others and so on.

Shampoo Twice
If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. When you first shampoo your hair you are washing out dirt and grease, but what about the cleansing part? That’s when washing your hair twice comes in. First wash out dirt/grease, second cleanse, third moisturize. This will help out so much, it is amazing how this works.

Lukewarm Showers
Hot water can damage your hair, just like curling irons and blow dryers. Limiting the heat is not exclusive to just flat irons and hot air. Your hair is more sensitive than you think. Washing your hair with extreme hot water can strip away those amazing oils and damage your hair cuticle. Those natural oils keep hair shiny and help control frizz. Start washing your hair with warm/cool water instead.
Don’t Dry With a Towel
Rubbing your hair with a towel makes your hair look dull. Instead, squeeze dry or allow your hair to air dry or use a low heat blow dryer. I like to only blow dry my hair with high heat once a week.
Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday
If your hair is hard to manage, getting too static-y and limp, it is most definitely because you’re washing it to often. Girl, lay off the shampoo! You are taking away nutrients and natural oils that help give you gorgeous hair. Wash only a few times a week, and if you start to get a little greasy use dry shampoo to help absorb the oils. Your hair will be much easier to style. You will see great results with this tip. 

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