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August 23, 2012

Freezer Jam!?

I am all about simple. Some of you might think this is a not so fun thing to blog about but, let me tell you, I am SOOO excited I tried this. I can not tell you how EASY freezer jam really is! Why have I not been making this for YEARS??? I have always heard people talking about making jam and slaving in the kitchen all day long. My thoughts were, not for me. So I never thought I would make jam until...I found out they make instant pectin!! I am telling you this is the most DELICIOUS jam you will ever taste and it literally takes no time at all to whip some up. Today I made 28 batches of some raspberry and strawberry jam. Here is what I did:

  • Buy some packs of instant pectin (you need one per batch)
  • Get the fruit you want (I think raspberry and strawberry work the best) you need 2/3 cups of mashed or mixed fruit for each batch
  • Sugar (it says to use 2/3 cups but I used 1/2 cup or you could even use 1/3 cup)
  • Potato hand masher or blender ( I used a whisk for the raspberries and my Ninja Pro blender for strawberries)
  • Shallow square stack able freezer safe containers
Here come the hard stuff...wink wink ;)

Mash your fruit to the consistency you want

 pour the sugar and pectin in a separate bowl

dump in 2/3 cups of your mashed fruit stir it all in

dump it into your container (the ones I used let 2 batches fit into each one, you don't want them filled to the very top though)

Let it sit for 30 mins

THAT IS IT!! I told you it would be a simple. Then just put the ones you wont be using right away after they sit up for 30 mins into the freezer they will stay good for a little over a year. You can't beat that! You will want to have a piece of toast in the morning with it, a PB&J sandwhich with your kids for lunch...ok I will stop. Ya, I am excited =)

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  1. This is amazing!!! Can't wait to try it. Just found your blog off pintrest and I'm loving all your stuff!