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July 9, 2012

Summer Hair Tips

It's Summer time, everyone spends a lot of time outside in the sun and in swimming pools. Chlorine and Sun will damage your hair. How do you protect it in the summer time when swimming? Well its simple.  I have been doing hair for 11 years now and here is my tip. Before you jump in the pool get your hair wet and put a conditioner on to coat your hair shaft (this will act as a barrier and keep chlorine from getting into the cuticle of your hair shaft) When you jump in you will have some come off. It will not hurt the pool to have a little conditioner in it. If you have blonde hair, you really want to make sure you do this so you don't get that yucky green tone in your hair. Even if your not blonde and you have darker hair your hair will still feel like straw and get really snarly, which is from the chlorine (you just can't see it in your hair like you can on blonde hair but, its there trust me!) You want a pretty thick conditioner for this, not one that will just slip right off your hair. Some of my favorites are:
 Even if you don't have Blonde hair this one is great because it is thick and will grab onto your hair really well (CLICK HERE TO BUY)
This one isn't super thick but it is still thick enough (it smells sooooo yummy)

TRESemme is the only store brand I would recommend if you can't afford Salon brands. It used to be in Salons years ago. Technology has and is always changing so Salon brands are much better but if you can''t afford them then try this brand :) 

Now even if you are not a swimmer you want to make sure you use a deep conditioner on your hair once a week in the Summer. You will have much healthier hair if you do. :-)

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