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July 21, 2012

How to Make Nail Polish Last like a Pro

How many of you out there paint your nails or get them done and then in a couple days they are chipping, peeling and cracking? Well that happens to me if I don't do the steps I am about to show you to make your polish last a week +.

Here is what you will need:

Buffer, Eponychium stone (you get one at HERE) , color polish and top coat. (Only use a base coat if your nail surface is uneven). If you buff every time before you polish it will take any yellow color off anyways. No matter what base coat I have tried over the years it always make the polish slip right off.

Step 1: buff your natural nail to take the top layer of shine off (don't buff too much, just take the shine away)

Step 2: A lot of people probably have never heard of Eponychium. It is part of your fingernail, it is dead skin that will grow up your nail shaft. You need the Eponychium stone to remove it. That way your polish want slip off. Just press lightly around your cuticle area and sides of nails. Everyone has a different amount of Eponychium on your nails so some might go higher up the nail then others.
You don't need to push hard with the stone, hold it at a 90 degree angle. It comes off really easy.

You can see the white flaky stuff around my cuticle on the edges of my nails that's what you want off. (Gross huh??) sorry I tried to get a good picture of it.

Step 3: Buff again. (Not too much though)

Step 4: Apply nail polish (2 coats)

Step 5: Apply Top coat (1 coat)

Step 6: Use cuticle oil. (if you don't have any just use a little olive oil)

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