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May 15, 2013

Golf Party

I had the privilege to throw my Grandpa's surprise 80th birthday party with some wonderful help from family. He loves golf and, he still golfs everyday even though he just turned 80. I say 80 years young, not 80 years old. Boy was he surprised, it was priceless!!

For decorations I made a backdrop for the food table out of 12x12 scrapbook paper and a white tri fold project board I got at Walmart. You just fold the paper accordion style, then fold it in half again. Staple it all together, I used 3 pieces of paper for each big flower and 2 pieces of paper for the smaller ones. I just hot glued them to the board. The ones with 2 flowers together you need a circle in between the flowers to help the glue stick. Then you just need to cut out circles for the center. It is really easy to make just a little time consuming. I used green, black, white and silver color theme. We had 3 different sets of golf clubs around the room too.

Center pieces, my Mom had this great idea. We bought our jars from the Dollar Store and we got the crinkled paper you put in Easter baskets (brown and white) and used that to stuff them. Then we put some golf balls on top with some golf tees. Finish it all off with green and black ribbon and you have some cheap and cute centerpieces. :)

I love Hobby Lobby and they have thicker wrapping paper which is nice to run down the tables for an added decoration and it also helps protect your table cloths. It is nice to just roll everything up and throw it away, it makes for easy clean up!

I made golf term labels for the food table. We had croissant sandwiches so I made one that said "Club Sandwiches". We had the best fruit bowl and it said "Fruit Slice",we had chips so I made "Chip Shots". Water for drinks I made a "Watering hole" tag. Cake table I made a "Caddy Buffet" even though it wasn't candy it was still sweets.

My cousin had a great idea and we had all the great grand kids make him a card so we had a gift and card table.

I had the idea to make a memory jar. We had everyone write down some of their favorite memories they have had with my Grandpa. We just had strips of scrapbook paper for everyone to write one down on. Then he got to take them all home to read later.

One of my cousins made a cute candy poster for him and, her and her boyfriend did a really cute birthday rap for him.

I put a game together with the help of my Grandma that helped us get to know him better. My Grandma came up with 20 questions about him and I put them all in balloons and we made them into 80 and we had all the little kids come up and pop one and I read the question to my Grandpa for him to answer.

I also made a picture slide show for him of his life up to now. I loved watching how much it meant to him. I put it together with music and the music I used for his slide show was.

Abba- take a chance on me (for when him and my grandma were together.)
Alan Jackson- Remember when (for when his kids were little)
Lonestar- let them be little (for when all the grand kids were growing up)
Louise Armstrong- What a wonderful world ( pictures of everyone with him day to day)
Forever Young- (pictures of everyone with him day to day until now)

At the beginning I had one of my cousins read something I wrote about celebrating his birthday.
It all was a great success and I am happy for everyone involved for making it such a great day for him. Enjoy!!


  1. loved the wonderful touches to such a sweet party!

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