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December 27, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Holiday Season! :-) I sure have, I have so much to be thankful for in my life. Today I wanted to share with you some fun Elf on the shelf ideas. Some of them are my ideas and some of them are my sister in laws that she used. She was ever so kind to let me use some of her pictures. It is funny because we have the same elf and didn't even know it. I wanted a cuter elf then the original Elf on the shelf and so did she, low and behold we ended up getting the same one. She has great taste hehe! Anyways here is what our Elf's were up to this year.
I didn't take a picture of a couple of the days but I explain everything we did down below. ENJOY!!

1) Our elf made his appearance with a note and some green pee in the toilet :-)
2) Having fun with woody playing the fishing game (this was a big hit for my boys)
3) Making Santa's sleigh with cars and a reindeer and a pirate ship
4) He turned our milk green
5) Made the boys noses red like Rudolph
6) Hanging on the ceiling fan
7) Drinking hot coco and he brought some for everyone else too
8) Getting ready to clean up the reindeer poop (red and green M&M's)
9) Bringing a stocking for himself
10) Brought a nut cracker
11) Making snow angels
12) My boys got a naughty letter from our Elf and Santa (worked like a charm )
13) Making snowmen and brought a bag for each of my boys to make their own
14) Riding on the train around the Christmas tree
15) Toilet papering the tree
16) Having a sick day
17) You could do the Snowmen in the freezer too ;)
18) Oops I put the same photo on here twice :( this day you could have a Christ centered one with your elf by the manger with a note saying this is what Christmas really is about :)
19) Room filled with white balloons to go sledding in
20) Slinky races down the stairs
21) If you have a sick kid make a nice note from your elf
22) I caught Santa for you! Naughty Elf :)
23) This day we were gone so, if you are gone have the elf sleep in your kids beds with some toys with a note saying I miss you come back soon!
24) Bring new PJ's from your elf on Christmas Eve
25) One last day with your elf before he goes back to see Santa ( you can tell them they still have to be good so that they can keep all their fun toys)

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